Dwalm is a practice for graphic design, web development, and typography based between Hamburg and Stockholm. It was founded in 2020 by Dodo Voelkel and Laslo Strong as a base for collaboration at the intersection of art, architecture, design, and education.

According to the north German sub-language Plattdeutsch, the word dwalm describes a moist atmosphere, a steam rising up or dripping down walls and windows. Moving further north west towards Scotland, the meaning intensifies and oscillates around fainting spells, sudden attacks of illnesses, daydreams, and reveries. Swaying back east towards Sweden, the word perhaps changes its spelling and becomes ‘kvalmigt’. One might use it to describe a sweaty feeling on a hot summer day when the clothes fit too tight. Dwalm attempts to grasp vaporized matter due to heat or friction. It looms in the air of saunas and banjas, as well as in cramped server rooms located in the northern hemisphere. In these spaces people are unavoidably connected and share experiences between comfort and stress.